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Hemika Chhatwal

Hemika Chhatwal Head of Brand Partnerships

Hemika is the General Manager – Brand Solutions and Strategy at Offbeet and Zelador, and comes armed with over two decades of experience. Having worked with the UB group and prestigious media houses like Indian Express, India Today, Condé Nast and Arré, she loves living for the chase. From deconstructing a client’s brief and thinking up creative solutions, to finally landing a client – these are the things that excite her the most. She believes that to stand out in a competitive market, you have to be proactive in approaching clients and produce consistently good work. Her degree in Psychology and her training as an art therapist also makes her the perfect person for her role as the Head of Human Resource at Offbeet Media Group. After all, who else could we trust to pick the right people for a job?